Thank you for taking the time to have a browse through my site.

Feel free to look at my work so you can get a feel for what I am capable of doing. A tattoo is there for life so if there is anything you see on this site, or you have your own ideas, then be sure to call me to arrange an appointment or just e-mail me your ideas. All of the work I have done is a one off and drawn by freehand, no two tattoos are the same and never will be. If there is something you like on the site it will be recreated and drawn similar to the original but not exactly the same. You don't want anyone to have the same one as you now do you?

Again thanks for looking, hope to chat soon.





Tattoo advisor for Brad Pitt in the movie

SNATCH - A Guy Ritchie Film


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smash hit movie....Snatch

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